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We are a NC Contractor Who Loves Realtors!

At Lindsley Waterproofing we have the utmost respect for realtors. We have seen numerous examples of folks who regretted not engaging a realtor before buying or selling a property.

We believe that the importance of hiring a realtor is second only to the need to choose a good doctor for your health needs.

For a vast majority of people, buying or selling a house will be the biggest financial decision they’ll make in their entire life. Here is some of what you need to know when buying a home.

If you’re selling a house, your realtor will…

  • Advise you on an asking price.

  • Do a background check on people coming to look at the house. There have been numerous times that houses [For Sale by Owner] have been ‘cased out’ by soon-to-be burglars at the property posing as potential buyers.

  • Prep your house for showing. They’ll advise you on what to do and what not to do. You can easily do too much or too little; and neither is good.

  • Prevent you from having to take time off work. One of the ‘regrets’ we refer to at the top of this page is someone saving $3k [so they thought] by not having a realtor help them sell only to realize that they missed $5k worth of hours at work. Instead, while you’re at work, your realtor can…

  • Show the house.

  • Let in home inspectors whose job it is to see what repairs might be needed.

  • Let in contractors to inspect, measure, and work up estimates for any needed work.

  • Let in contractors to do those needed repairs.

  • Let in a structural engineer when needed.

If you’re buying a house, your realtor will…

  • Make sure that the asking price is fair and advise you as to what you should offer.

  • Do ‘preliminary shopping’ for you based upon parameters you’ve expressed to save you many hours of shopping yourself.

  • Make sure that the house is inspected by a reputable & experienced home inspector to list repair needs before they could become your responsibility.

  • Recommend reputable contractors to make repairs when needed.

  • Find out school information for you.

  • Do research on current zoning next to or near the property.

  • Research potential zoning changes in the works. Sometimes the reason a house is even on the market is because the current homeowners found out about upcoming and unwanted changes. Maybe there’s going to be a new mall or highway off-ramp where there is now a park or wooded area.

Before considering the sale or purchase of a property without professional counseling and assistance by a realtor, do a small-scale do-it-yourself trial. Give yourself a haircut; you’ll save some money; but you might regret it. How long you live with that decision depends on how fast your hair grows. But going without a realtor – when you really should engage one – is a penny-wise decision that could haunt you for decades.

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