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Foundation Helical Piers

Helical Pier Foundation - Lindsley Waterproofing - Raleigh Durham NC

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Lindsley Waterproofing is proud to offer a wide range of helical piers for repair and new construction to residential and small commercial structures in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

Instant Foundations for Homes & Commercial Structures

New construction foundations don’t have to be a headache. The Helical Pier Foundation System gives you the performance of concrete without the drawbacks and liabilities of driven piles and drilled shafts.

The helical pier foundation can be devised to resist or support any load or application. And it’s fast. It can be installed with lightweight construction equipment and loaded immediately. There’s no concrete curing time, and predefined capacities are predictable, putting you in control.

Helical piers, also known as anchors, piles or screw piles, are deep foundation solutions used to secure new or repair existing foundations. Due to their design and ease to install, they are most commonly used whenever soil conditions prevent standard foundation solutions. Instead of requiring large excavation work, they thread into the ground. This minimizes installation time, requires little soil disturbance, and most importantly transfers the weight of the structure to load bearing soil.

New Construction & Repairs

This is the perfect choice for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications including new homes and high-rise structures to sound walls, communication towers and bridges.

Here are just a few applications:

  • New construction supporting foundation grade beams, column bases, compression, tension and concrete slabs

  • Repairing failed or old foundations using time-tested engineering solutions

  • Retrofit foundations in existing structures where new loads are being added or under existing concrete slab

  • Permanent battered piers to take lateral loads, including wind and seismic

  • Machinery/equipment foundations for immediate loading with increased capacity

  • Wind and seismic loading applications such as sound walls, billboards, communication towers, etc

  • Foundation support in tight access or inaccessible areas, primarily vertical axial compression loading

  • Permanent or temporary foundation structural shoring, primarily vertical compression loading

  • Permanent tension hold downs for wind and seismic loads

  • Foundations in noise-sensitive areas where vibration is a concern


How it Works

A helical pier foundation system is a series of

segmented poles with helical bearing plates

welded to a central shaft that are drilled into

the ground. The load is transferred from the

shaft to the soil through these bearing plates.

As a result of their true helical shape, the helices

do not auger into the soil but rather screw into

it with minimal disturbance.


The first section, called the Lead Shaft, contains

the helical plates. The Lead Shaft can consist of one to four helices. If required, additional helices can be added with the use of Helical Extensions and will be based on the depth needed. Plain Extensions are then added until the Lead Section penetrates the bearing strata and the necessary or appropriate torque is achieved.

The Helical Pier Advantage

The helical pier foundation, in many situations is preferred over driven piles, drilled shafts, grouted tendons, auger-cast piles, belled piers and other deep foundation systems for a number of reasons, including:

  • Fast Installation and Immediate Loading

  • It's a Pre-Engineered System

  • There's Instant Torque-to-Capacity Feedback for Production Control

  • There's No Need for Concrete to Cure

  • It Minimizes Soil Disturbance During Installation

  • It Installs in Any Weather

  • There's No Vibration

  • It's Environmentally Friendly

Lindsley Waterproofing offers both exterior waterproofing and interior drainage systems and has been serving the Durham, NC area since 1994. Our success has been dependent upon the satisfaction of the customers we serve.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will inspect your problem / project and provide a proposal for free.

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Since 1994 Lindsley Waterproofing has been Making Homes Healthy by providing expert waterproofing services to homes and businesses in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. We can help you if you are in or are near Apex, Benson, Carrboro, Cary, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Durham, Franklinton, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Hillsborough, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Pittsboro, Raleigh, Rolesville, Roxboro, Selma, Smithfield, Wake Forest, Wendell, Youngsville, Zebulon, North Carolina. We repair and prevent structural water damage provide for new & existing structures. Our guaranteed services include de-watering, foundation repair, structural repair, fixing foundation leaks, waterproofing, yard drainage, french drains, crawlspace conditioning, helical pier foundations and ensuring that we help you to create a healthy home.

Helical Pier Foundation - Lindsley Waterproofing - Raleigh Durham NC
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